Профил на купувача Интерактивна карта ОПОС 3
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Offer price opening on ZOP


RE: Conducted open procedure for assigning a public procurement issued “” Precautions for restoration and maintenance of biotic components within NP “Blue Stones” Sliven “, which takes place under the conditions of the Law on Public Procurement.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In compliance with Art. 69a, para. 3 of the Law on Public Procurement Directorate of Natural Park “Blue Stones” Sliven, as Employer of Public Procurement shall notify all concerned that the opening and disclosure of price offers will be held on 17/06/2013 / monday / from 12.00 in the office experts “Biodiversity” at the headquarters of the Department of Natural Park “Blue Ridge” Sliven square “Alexander Stambolijski” 1, 5th Floor of Pech

Participants in the procedure or their authorized representatives, and representatives of legal entities and non-profit media will attend  the opening of the envelopes containing the price offered .

Irina Petrova /Director/


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