Профил на купувача Интерактивна карта ОПОС 3
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Falcons, owls, mammals

34 bird of prey species and 42 mammal species are represented with pictures and descriptions.
The book is a photographic identification book – lavishly illustrated, includes diagrams, photographs, figures.
Authors: Emilia Boeva Miglena Georgieva
Edition: 2006
Volume: 204 p
Price: 5.10 lv.

Trees, shrubs and subshrubs

This identification books covers part of the dendroflora of Natural Park “Blue Stones” 92 species of trees and shrubs studied by the team of “Agrolesproject” – EOOD, Sofia, and the taxation landscape of the park are included in this book and represented with photographs and brief descriptions.
Authors: Miglena Georgieva, Damyan Dohchev
Edition: 2008
Volume: 144 p
Price: 4.80 lv.

Monasteries, fortresses and holy springs - customs and legends

The book is both in English and Bulgarian. Former fortresses, churches and monasteries are represented by lavish illustrative material figures, photographs of archaeological sights and areas in the park, archival photographs of Sliven and surroundings.Routes of ancient roads passing through the park are outlined.
Authors: Emilia Boeva Meri Radeva
Edition: 2000
Volume: 126 p
Price: 5.00 lv.

Fascinating blue mountain

Full presentation of the Nature Park “Blue Stones”. A few words of introduction, which perfectly describe the content: “… The book gives a brief physiographic description. An emphasis is put on the ancient and recent history of the “Blue Stones”,on the flora and fauna of the phenomenon, the caves,on legends and songs, on weather forecasts of people from Sliven. Hiking trails and specialized routes are described. Information and education services and specialist advice are offered.Opportunities for the use of lodges and hotels, restaurants, auto and railway transport are also mentioned.
Authors: Emilia Boeva
Edition: 2003
Volume: 120 p
Price: 6.00 lv.

Photographic classifier of protected species

The book presents photos and text of 72 species of rare and endangered plants found in “Blue Stones” Natural Park. Because of their decorative qualities, many of them are subject of increased tourist interest.A key for family classification is given at the beginning of the book, and in the end – index of Bulgarian and Latin names of the plants involved.
Authors: Mimi Valkova, Neli Grozeva, Yulian Marinov
Edition: 2005
Volume: 88 p
Price: 5.00 lv.

Biological diversity in Blue Stones Natural Park

The collection includes reports of the author’s team,who investigated the floristic, plant and habitat diversity in the park, in connection with the preparation of the Management Plan for Natural Park “Blue Stones”.Collected, summarized and analyzed information on biodiversity; indicates factors with negative impact and makes recommendations for effective conservation of the nature.
Authors: M.Stoeva, G. Stoychev,R.Mladenov, N. Grozeva, K.Stoeva-Hristova,K.Velichkova,M.Georgieva,M.Valkova
Edition: under general edition of Milka Stoeva, 2004.
Price: 5.00 lv.

Fungi – how to recognize them

56 species of fungi occurring in the territory of the Nature Park are presented with pictures and text material. The book helps effectively for the identification of fungi in the nature. In the introductory part there is information on the structure and taxonomy of fungi, some symptoms of poisoning with mushrooms are presented and also golden rules when collecting some. Index of the Bulgarian and Latin names of fungi at the end of the book makes the work with the text and the photographs easier.
Authors: Emilia Boeva Miglena Georgieva
Edition: 2002
Volume: 158 p
Price: 3.00 lv.

Book for Nature

The book is a valuable resource in understanding of Nature Park “Blue Stones” amongst the children audience.Flora and fauna are presented in an entertaining and informative way, some rock formations and native meteorological observations associated with spots in the park. The puzzles and crosswords included are also scientifically orientated.
Authors: E. Boeva , M.Ivanova,R. Andonova
Edition: 1999
Volume: 20 p
Price: 1.50 lv.

Tourist guide

A brief presentation of Natural Park “Blue Stones” and interesting tourist sights in the town of Sliven. are shown at the beginning of the book.
16 tourist routes with different purposes are described in detail.
A translation of the book in English entitled”Tourist guide” was published in 2006.
Authors: Emilia Boeva
Edition: 2005
Price: 3.00 lv.

Haidouk Balkan

Lavishly illustrated with contemporary and archival photographs, the book can be conditionally divided into four parts. In the first and second part locations and routes which in the past have been associated with haidouk movement are described. In the third part-Memory of the glorious leader-some of the most famous voevodes who actively took part in the national liberation struggles of Sliven are presented in more detail,. In the final part several versions of the rebel laws and vows (known amongst various rebel bands) are published, as well as a glossary of rare and archaic words used in the book. The book is published in English , as well.
Authors: Emilia Boeva
Edition: 2006.
Volume: 64 p
Price: 4.50 lv.