Профил на купувача Интерактивна карта ОПОС 3
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Information Tourist Center “Haidushka pateka”

Opened by the Directorate of Natural Park “Blue Stones”, the center aims to present the protected area,to increase people’s knowledge of the value and importance of biodiversity so they can understand the problems of environmental preservation , to help the visitors choose hiking trails, programs and educational activities.
Located at the beginning of “Haidushka” trail, near the bottom station of the lift.

The exhibition gives a general idea about “Blue Stones” park – inanimate nature, mosses, lichens, fungi, grass, tree and shrub species, conservation status of plant and animal species, the diversity of fauna.

Visitor information center offers comprehensive information about the park through lectures, explanation of tourism conditions, tourist and educational routes, programs, products and packages, organized initiatives such as exhibitions, competitions, children’s shows.

Information materials, brochures, travel guides and books, catalogs, postcards, tourist maps, videotapes, CD, souvenirs can be purchased at the center.We can also make reservations for accommodation in hotels and holiday houses on the territory of the park and the Municipality of Sliven.

You can also get a “100 national tourist sights” seal at the Information Tourist Centre.

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