Профил на купувача Интерактивна карта ОПОС 3
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The unity between terrain, water streams , flora and fauna, rock formations and the spectacular view give the “Blue Ridge” a specific and unique look. This gives grounds for declaring the eastern part of Eastern Balkan for:

Forest Park “Blue Stones” in 1957
Forests Council of Ministers provides 7182.8 ha of forest area to City Council Sliven for turning it into park area. It includes forest parks “Karandila”, “Ravna River”, “Daulite”, “Ablanovo”, “Sabi Dimitrov” (Barmuka) and areas on the northeast and west – natural stands around “Asenovets” dam lake.

National Park “Blue Stones” in 1980
Committee on Environment Protection Council of Ministers issued Decree № 893 of 28 November 1980, supplemented by Order № 410 of May 7, 1982, which gives an area of 7094,1 ha for park facilities.

Nature Park “Blue Stones” in 2000
Ministry of Water and Environment reclassifies National Park “Blue Ridge” into Natural Park “Blue Stones”, according to the new Law on Protected Areas;

On 5 August 2002 the Natural Park “Blue Stones” has been enlarged to 11,380.1 ha by Order № RD – 763 of the Ministry of Water and Environment.