Профил на купувача Интерактивна карта ОПОС 3
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Activities included in the project

Activity 1. Management and implementation of the project.

Activity 2. Stop the degradation of pastures and setting them into ones with favorable environmental conditions

Activity 3. Application of the scheme for mowing the pastures.

Activity 4. Recolonization of the souslick in selected target areas.

Activity 5. Support populations of birds of prey and reduce the risk for the colonized by them souslicks

Activity 6. Construction of 2 summer cottages  in the areas of Lokvata and Karakyutyuk.

Activity 7. Building of an information tourist center of the Directorate of “Blue Stones” Natural Park in Karandila.

Activity 8. Construction of monitoring facilities for Souslick colonies.

Activity 9. Information and public activities on the project.

Activity 10. Audit.